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Hope Alive

All the above (and many other) difficulties may be attributed to:

Many men and women have been deeply damaged by these issues. Caringhope Counselling Services offers a group therapy counselling program called Hope Alive. This group program exists to facilitate the healing of adults and their families. Alison obtained a specialty in working in this field in 1998. Since then she has run groups in Leamington as well as facilitated internationally at counsellor trainings.

Hope Alive is a thirty session counsellor led group treatment program involving four to seven counsellees. The program was specifically developed to heal those suffering from a combination of childhood mistreatment and pregnancy loss (surgical and natural). Through personal homework and group interaction a variety of issues are addressed. The pregnancy loss, whether involving stillbirth, miscarriage or abortion is looked at in the context of a person’s life journey and family system. The pregnancy loss may be personal, maternal, sibling, or involving one’s partner or child. Childhood mistreatment may cover physical, sexual or emotional abuse, and/or issues of emotional neglect, physical neglect.

There are twelve phases of treatment:

Hope Alive provides in-depth insight and teaches many new skills for knowing and growing. Hope Alive includes:

Participants in group counselling are expected to pay a modest fee

For more information about 'Hope Alive' please click here Button1follow the link using 'Browse title' to 'Browse by Title' to 'all titles' to #75 Current Women's Health Review to Issue 4, November 2010. Look for 'Results of Group Psychotherapy for Abuse, Neglect and Loss' pp.332-340. Authored by Philip G. Ney, Katherine Ball, Claudia Sheils. Please note the groups are for men and women.