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Post Partum Depression

What picture comes to your mind as you think of a mom with her newborn baby?  For most a picture comes of a joyful mom snuggling her newborn.  This picture, however, is not everyone’s reality.  Thirty to seventy five percent of moms experience ‘baby blues’.  ‘Baby blues’ may last a few days and usually stop within a week. Of this group up to twenty percent may go on to develop post partum depression within the first year of giving birth.  Postpartum depression requires treatment that combines medication, counselling and may also include support groups. Treatment is eighty percent successful.[3] [4]
If you know a mom who recently had a baby and is feeling sad, worried, like they are ‘going crazy’, can’t eat, can’t sleep, and they have been like this for more than a week, you can help them to access the help they need. Your support can make a difference both to a mom and her child.



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